About Us

About Us

CoverButtons.com is the e-commerce website for the button and buckle division of Maxant Metals. This division makes seven sizes of two-part aluminum buttons and 10 styles of two-part aluminum belt buckles. 

The original “miracle buttons” were patented in 1960 and manufactured in Chicago. Miracle Buttons — “Buttons to Cover” by Maxant — have been made on the same machines and with the same casting dies for over 60 years.  Our buttons and buckles are designed to be hand-covered in fabric that are perfect for sewing and crafting.

In the 1980s, the manufacturing plant was moved to Georgia. In 2015, Maxant Metals purchased the company and, in 2016, relocated it to our small, family-owned aluminum manufacturing facility in Moore Haven, Florida. We continue to serve many long-standing sewing and crafting customers, and we can service large corporate U.S. and global customers.

We are proud to continue the U.S-based tradition of these high-quality buttons and buckles. We buy the majority of our raw materials from U.S. suppliers, and we source our plastic tools (templates, pushers and holders) as well as our belt backing from fellow U.S. manufacturers.

Our growing business also has a division that makes awning and shutter parts (Aluminum Brackets by Maxant), after-market ATV and UTV protection plates (Aluminum Products by Maxant) and – coming soon – metal roofing panels (Metal Roof Tops by Maxant). 

When you buy from Maxant, you buy parts made in the USA that support a dozen families in our rural part of Florida. Thank you, from all of us.