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Buttons to Cover with Fabric

Toll Free In USA 1-877-829-6806 Buttons to cover with fabric. These are available in sizes #20, #24, #30, #36, #45, #60, #75 # 100.  Great for Hobbies, Sewing and Crafts

Assembly Instuctions
Coverbuttons in 7 sizes
Covered Button Shell and Back with loop and Back with No Eye and No Holes Buttons to cover available with wire loop for sewing or just a plain back for other projects. Ear Posts and clutches in Stainless Steel
Earring Posts 
Badge Reels for use with covered buttons
Badge Reels for use with covered buttons
 Shoe Clips for attaching to buttons by
Shoe Clips for attaching to buttons by
Pin Clasps available in 1 inch and 3/4inch
Pin Backs
Craft Items for Sale
AC2 Alligator Clips

Template Uses Templates make easy work of designing your cover buttons.
Belt Buckles Kits
Coverbuttons is now selling a variety of Maxant Branded Fabric Covered Belt Buckle Kits Click on Picture to get to the web page
Stethoscope ID Holder - Great for Covered Buttons
Stethoscope IDs are great for Doctors and Nurses, Use them to attach Cover buttonsOur to any hose like on a Stethoscope
Stork scissors from
Stork Scissors for trimming threads. Precise craftsmanship. Very Sharp. Made in Italy by Mundial. Gold Plated. Compare at 20.00 each. Not the junk ones made in China or Pakistan selling for 4.00. You will like them. Even carefully trim the babies nails.

Cover Button Demonstrations On YouTube

Cover Button Demonstrations On YouTube
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